Stone Benchtop Installation

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Stone Benchtop Installation in Melbourne

Regal Stonemason, your Melbourne kitchen and bathroom stone benchtop installation specialist

Benchtops and countertops can be made from different types of materials including stone which has been widely used since ancient times and has become an even more popular choice these days. Let Regal Stonemason, the Melbourne stone benchtop experts, show you how stone can transform a kitchen or bathroom into an extraordinary place of style and elegance.

Wondering which type of stone materials you should use for your kitchen or bathroom benchtop installation?

Quartz stone
This is reconstituted or engineered stone and is made of crushed natural quartz mixed with resin. Brands such as Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz and Essastone are all reconstituted stone.

Quartz stone is much more durable and easier to keep clean than granite and marble. Also unlike granite and marble, quartz stone is non-porous and therefore does not need to be resealed.

Granite benchtops
Granite is natural stone which has a much higher level of gloss than either marble or quartz stone. Because it is natural, granite has a much wider range of colours and textures.

The density level is also high compared to marble. Some types of granite also offer high level of stain resistance. To keep granite in pristine conditions, the benchtops need to be resealed regularly due to it being porous.

Marble benchtops
Marble is another form of natural stone. Many forms of marble offer some very complex and stunning patterns. Marble is also highly porous and needs to be sealed, even more regularly than granite to reduce staining. We often only recommend marble for benchtops where they can be kept clean and dry at all times.

Other features to consider for your stone kitchen

Waterfalls are side panels commonly attached to one or both ends of your benchtop. All exposed sides of a waterfall are nicely polished to give your kitchen or bathroom a much more elegant look.

stone_splashbackStone Splash backs
Toughened glass and stone are both popular choices for splash backs. While using stone may be more aesthetically pleasing, it can be pricier than using glass.

stone_benchtop-with_undermount_sinkCut Outs
Benchtops normally require some cut outs for the sink and/or cooktop. For vanity tops, a cut out for basins are necessary.
For top mounted sink/cooktop/basin, the cut outs are rough cut. For an undermount sink or basin, the cut outs need to be polished all around the hole.

Stone-benchtop-drainboardDrainer & Grooves
These are special features on your stone benchtops and often go with an undermount sink. These features will give your kitchen a unique appearance and have become quite popular with many of our customers.

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