Stone Care

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Caring for your stone benchtops

General Stone Care

In most cases, stone benchtops are not very easy to repair to their original condition. Please follow the guidelines here to prevent any permanent damage.

  • Avoid exposing your stone products to strong chemicals, such as paint removers, oven cleaners, acids, oil, juices, etc. for a long period of time. If contact occurs, clean up as soon as possible.
  • Do not cut directly on your stone bench top or counter top. This can cause deep and permanent scratches to appear.
  • Avoid directly dropping heavy or sharp objects on the bench top or counter top.
  • Avoid flame or applying heat directly for a prolong period.

Cleaning Recommendations

Your stone counter tops are very easy to clean. Common household products will suffice.
Recommended Cleaners:

  • Soapy Water
  • Windex
  • Diluted job master
  • Any NON-abrasive cleaner
  • Use fine material to remove any water or hard food residue

Spot Removal

Both natural and engineered stone surface are extremely resistant to damaging chemicals. When necessary, you may use the following chemicals and products to remove stains and spills:

  • Methylated spirit
  • Ammonia
  • Vinegar

Caution should be exercised in the handling and storage of any of the above chemicals/products. Manufacturer’s instructions should be exercised when using and storing these products.

Difficult Spots

Adhesive materials like gum, nail polish, paint, etc can be difficult to remove. Do not rub too hard for too long. When necessary, you may scrape adhesive materials with a sharp edge. Difficult spots may be treated with one of the cleaners listed above. Leave the cleaner sit for up to 10 minutes. Scrub and rinse thoroughly.


Caution must be used for the following:

  • Products containing oils or powders may leave a residue.
  • Repetitive use of abrasive scrubs/cleaners may dull the stone’s finish.
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