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Melbourne’s Established Expert Stonemasons

With over 20 years of experience, our team has been providing quality, reliable results for homeowners across the city with a focus on customer care and attention to detail. We know everything there is about stone – from concepts and design to manufacturing and installation, we cover it all from beginning to end and ensure you end up with a first-class finish. We want to make sure that are clients are completely satisfied at the end of a job, which is why we deliver such great service and continue to be the best kitchen stonemasons in Melbourne.

Stonemasonry for kitchens, bathrooms and more

Our products and services can be applied to any part of the home or office, whether it be kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas or anything in between. Stone is a versatile, reliable material to use within your house and can provide a much-needed touch of class. Give your benches, vanity tops and splashbacks a new lease of life and replace your old surfaces with something maintainable that still looks great. Our benches enjoy a long-lasting life thanks to their heat, stain and chip resistance that’s also incredibly easy to clean.

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If you have an enquiry or would like the make an order, we’d love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to call our Melbourne team on (03) 9580 8990 or email

Our work is our passion

Over many years of dedicated work as bathroom and kitchen stonemasons in Melbourne we have completed countless installations both domestically and commercially. Our extensive experience means that when you come to us for any project, you can be completely confident that we will produce the absolute best result.

The team at Regal Stonemason puts the same passion and care into each and every job, taking pride in expert craftsmanship to leave you breathless at the end result.

We train our own stonemasons and only recruit those with natural flair, attention to detail and a friendly attitude. Regal Stonemason combines this expertise with the latest machinery and techniques to give a cutting-edge finish to every single project.

Choose from a variety of materials and edges

We are experienced and qualified in fabrication and work with a variety of stone types, including Quantum Quartz, granite, marble, Caesarstone and many more. While they all possess the natural benefits of stone, each material has its own strengths, colour and overall style to suit and enhance the mood of any room. You can also select whatever edging you like from ten different options, each with its own character and appeal.

If you need any guidance, we can advise you on trends, price and convenience so that your choice is stylish, affordable and easily maintained.


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