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When considering the edge type, you can choose between 20mm or 40 mm thickness. 20mm is the standard thickness while 40mm is created by using laminating a strip of stone to the edge.

Please see the wp-content/uploads/2015/05 below to choose your edge style. Most of our customers choose an edge style based on 3 factors:


When style is important, the best choice is to go with what is most flattering to the overall appearance of the finishing and its surrounding area. This would basically be the one that you find to be most appealing.


Because different edge treatments require diferent levels of effort, the edge style you choose has some influence on the final product costs.


Certain edge treatments are easier to clean than others based on creasing and curvature. Very elaborate edges would take a little more maintenance than the less complex ones.

Current edge styles that are popular with our customers are pencil, double pencil, half bullnose and full bullnose.

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