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Marble Benchtops Melbourne

Regal Stonemason offers the best materials and services to our clients across Melbourne seeking professional marble benchtops installations.

Giving Melbourne Homes a Refined Touch with Stunning Marble Benchtops

After many years in the stonemasonry trade, our business knows benchtop materials and installation like nobody else in Melbourne. Extensive practice and expertise within domestic and commercial settings have refined our skills and craftsmanship, helping us in becoming the finest service in the city.

Our stone counters are specially designed and manufactured by us for each job located anywhere in Melbourne, and we can work with any kitchen or bathroom design, no matter how unique. Our skilled team of stonemasons works with clients as part of an end-to-end process, ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with the final product of your installation. Simply provide us with a quick sketch of your layout in Melbourne, while remembering that the more information you can give us, the more accurate our quote will be. Once all the details have been decided, we’ll cut and polish the required material and fashion it with an edging of your choice from our variety of marble benchtops options.

Benefits of Installing Marble Benchtops in Melbourne Homes & Offices

As one of the most popular natural stone options in Melbourne, marble benchtops provide a range of benefits when used in home installations, including:

  • Timeless aesthetic – part of classical architecture and design, marble benchtops have proven themselves to be a continually popular choice that does not date, providing your home décor with a fixture that will last for years.
  • Variety of colours – the availability of a variety of different colours, textures, and finishes makes marble benchtops a popular choice for new home builds and renovations in Melbourne to suit any taste or style.
  • Durability – known for being one of the stronger, more durable stone options, marble benchtops make an excellent choice for high traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom, able to withstand various knocks and bumps without creating lasting damage.
  • Versatility – adaptable for a variety of applications, marble can be used to create an eye-catching effect on benchtops, walls, or floors to match any home décor.
  • Value – the durability and quality of marble benchtops mean that you will see a return on your investment as it does not require repairs or replacement. A marble installation can also increase the value of a property in Melbourne, as it appeals to a variety of diverse buyers over the years.

Well Fashioned Marble Benchtops Add Magnificence and Class to Melbourne Homes

As naturally occurring stones, granite and marble can possess great variance in pattern and colour giving them a variety of styles and a finish that is unique to every individual slab. The effect can give a rustic and natural appeal to surfaces that can otherwise look cheap and dull.

Since its popularity is seen in the structures and sculptures of the ancient Romans and Greeks, it has become a modern symbol of elegance, beauty, and history across Melbourne, Australia, and the world. Its fascinating, sophisticated pattern or ‘veins’ has been an admired addition to art, and homes for a long time thanks to its durability and timeless design.

Marble benchtops and other stone counters can be installed to brighten up the kitchen or bathroom in your Melbourne home and become a point of attention. We consider it a gift from Mother Nature – greatly enhancing the look and appeal of any space with a subtle yet steadfast charm.

A Strong and Long-Lasting Choice for your Marble Benchtops, Counters and Vanity Tops in Melbourne

If you are looking for a long-wearing choice for your Melbourne home or business, durability is without a doubt the biggest practical advantage of marble. Well-maintained benches can last decades while retaining the natural beauty of when they were first cut. Proper sealing and cleaning techniques will mean that your marble benchtops will remain tough and strong for a considerable length of time.

Contact Us or Visit our Showroom For More on Our Marble Benchtops in Melbourne

With delivery and installation Melbourne-wide, browse our sample marble colours below. This is a great place to start when planning for your next installation of benchtops, and once you have an idea of what you want, we recommend following it up with a visit to the full displays in our Melbourne office. This will let you experience the true colours and textures without the potential distortion of a computer screen. You can follow us online via our Facebook page for more ideas and inspiration regarding our various marble benchtops & installations across Melbourne.

For information on our range of marble benchtops and installations, contact Regal Stonemason at (03) 9580 8990 today to speak with one of our talented staff, or request a quote online. Otherwise, send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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